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Reiki ao domicílio

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Pet sitting

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NATURE PETS is born out of love for animals. It's about them and for them. 


It was created thinking about their needs and their well-being, not only physically but also emotionally.

NATURE is a Lifestyle for Pets

A lifestyle for healthier happier pets, and more like themselves!

We know that they are part of the family and therefore we want them to be seen and treated as they deserve, thus taking care of their physical and emotional health as a whole, in which all parties are interconnected and mutually influencing each other.

And how can we improve the lives of our pets?

      Healthy living begins with healthy eating. That's why we deliver biologically suitable home-cooked meals for dogs and cats, 100%                  natural, complete and ready-to-eat. They will be so delighted that it is possible for them to begin to exhibit behaviors of true happiness          and satisfaction.

      In addition to a proper nutrition, and concerning the emotional health of your pets, we ensure a good behavior with home-based                    Animal Psychology Consultations, so that they can interact and socialize in an even more positive and balanced way, in all contexts.


      And we even take to your home Reiki Therapy to ensure your pets' well-being at all levels.

      They will love this extra attention!

Because they all deserve the best, this project is born out of an enormous passion for these wonderful beings who have so much to give us and to teach us.

Our mission is the welfare of animals at all times

Here you will find everything you need for the physical and emotional well-being of your pets

"The greatness of a Country and its progress can be measured by the way it treats its animals"

Mahatma Gandhi

At Nature Pets we believe that time has come to evolve in the way we treat our animals




Não sei como fui capaz de dar ração tanto tempo aos meus cães. Desde que experimentei BARF eles parecem outros,  estão com mais energia e mais saudáveis.

Obrigado Nature Pets por nos ajudarem a cuidar melhor dos nossos animais!



O Tobias adorou as refeições da Nature Pets e agora só come BARF. Deixou de vomitar e de ter problemas de pêlo. Recomendo inteiramente pela qualidade, simpatia e profissionalismo.



Solicitei a deslocação ao domicilio para uma terapia de Reiki para a minha cadela Luna porque ela andava sempre muito ansiosa. Desde que começou a receber Reiki melhorou muito e anda muito mais calma.

Serviço 5 estrelas!


We put love in everything we do

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