It's applied in wich cases?

Reiki is very effective in the following situations:

  • In surgical situations: it calms the animals before the surgery and accelerates the process of healing after the surgery;

  • Treating behavioral problems like depression, anxiety, apathy, stress, nervousness, aggression, hyperactivity, among others;

  • Problems in the digestive system, circulatory, nervous, reproductive, greatly improving the animals quality of life and accelerating the success of conventional veterinary treatment;

  • Older animals with heart disease, kidney problems or tumors (there's a significant improvement of their quality of life);

  • Cure of deep traumas (abuse / neglect);

  • Pregnant females or in labor;

  • Provides more comfort to animals with terminal diseases, aiding in the treatment of tumors (scientifically proven by UNIFESP) and pain relief.

Reiki technique, as a complementary therapy, does not present any side effects or contraindications, but does not dispense a veterinary evaluation in case there is a physical health problem that has not previously been evaluated.

How does it work?

Local: Ideally the treatment takes place where the animal lives.

Attendance: In moderate cases 2 weekly sessions, and in cases of monitoring and health maintenance, once a week or every two weeks is ideal. In more serious health cases, we recommend 3 consecutive sessions or until the problem heals completely.

Duration: The duration of the sessions is influenced by the size of the animal, because the smaller the animal the faster the flow reestablishes.

Usually the sessions last about 20 minutes in the small animals, about 45 minutes in the medium-sized ones and about 1h30 in the large ones. This can also vary according to the severity of the problem and the receptivity of the animal because it is he who decides when to start and when the session ends.

PLEASE NOTE: The values shown are valid for zone 1 and include the time required for clarification on how the session and the treatment will take place.

What is it?

Reiki is an age-old technique of energy channeling and application through the placement of the hands at specific points which span the meridians and chakras of the body.

The goal of this technique is the unblocking of the energy that circulates in the physical body, interfering not only in it, but also at a mental and emotional level, which is why it is considered a complete and effective holistic treatment increasingly proven by science.

The simple act of putting your hands on the body to convey well-being, tranquility or relieving a pain is as old as man.


Reiki is ideal for use on animals because it is gentle and non-invasive and does not necessarily require physical contact. It does not cause stress, pain or discomfort and still shows powerful results.  Animals respond very well to the power of Reiki to support the healing of diseases and injuries, on an emotional, behavioral and physical level.

Suitable to small pets
Suitable to medium-sized pets
Suitable to large pets
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Training Sessions

We organize training sessions for owners already initiated in Reiki and who want to learn how to apply these techniques to their pets

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