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Complete natural food based on the BARF philosophy. Recommended for dogs of all breeds and ages.



80% Iberian pork and meaty bones, 10% pork liver and lung, 5% pumpkin, 5% apples


Produced with ingredients suitable for human consumption, 100% natural and of high nutritional value. Without grains, preservatives or additives.


Dehydrated at low temperature to progressively reduce moisture and prolong its shelf life, preserving all its nutrients, aromas and flavors.


  • Feed directly dry or hydrated with hot water.

    The amount of food can be divided into several meals a day: ✓ Adult dogs: approx. 1% of body weight. ✓ Small breeds (<15 kg): approx. 1.5% of body weight. ✓ Puppies, young and lactating dogs: approx. 4-6% of body weight.


    These dosages are indicative. It may vary according with breed and physical activity.

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