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Supplements are an essential component of raw natural nutrition in order to ensure the presence of all the essential nutrients in a balanced diet. They can be used to promote the proper functioning of the digestive system, joint health, increase immunity, prevent the onset of chronic diseases, improve skin and hair health, prevent the emergence of parasites, among many other benefits.

Supplements presented here do not cover all essential nutrients and additional supplements may be required. For this purpose, you should consult with a professional or veterinarian.

For the correct use of these supplements you can consult us through the available contact means.

Supplements frozen in molds are only available for collection in store and for deliveries made in the metropolitan area of Lisbon.


To order you must contact us directly by the available means.

Caldo de Osso - Receita caseira e 100% natural

Mistura de osso cru aberto, carne muscular com osso, ossos carnudos e vinagre de cidra, lentamente cozinhado durante 24horas - disponível em garrafas de vidro, refrigerado ou congelado

Garrafa de vidro



Garrafa de vidro



Caldo de Osso - congelado em moldes

Mistura de osso cru aberto, carne muscular com osso, ossos carnudos e vinagre de cidra, lentamente cozinhado durante 24horas

Molde grande



Molde médio



This type of homemade broth is extremely nutritious because it is rich in minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and in glycine, a molecule beneficial to joints and bones, skin, heart, digestive system and also helps the liver in detoxification of the body, extremely moisturizing due to the mineral salts present, has anti-inflammatory effects and nourishes and repairs the gastro-intestinal mucosa when it is inflamed.

For all these beneficial properties is widely used as a snack, to cook the food of animals that need a boost in the supply of nutrients, such as attractive on meals of animals selective to eat or even as single meal during a day of weekly fasting of solids - a practice adopted by many Natural Food supporters to strengthen and detoxify the body of adult animals.

Kefir biológico de cabra (congelado em formas e vendido à unidade)

Molde grande

      (33 ml)


Molde médio

     (15 ml)


O Kefir de cabra é um probiótico, sendo composto por bactérias vivas bactérias reconhecidamente benéficas, que promove a saúde e equilíbrio da flora intestinal e, consequentemente, a melhoria de outras funções do corpo, como a digestão e a absorção de nutrientes, contribuindo assim para a melhoria do sistema imunitário.

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