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Supplements are an essential component of raw food nutrition in order to ensure the presence of all the essential nutrients in a balanced diet. They can be used to promote the proper functioning of the digestive system, joint health, increase immunity, prevent the onset of chronic diseases, improve skin and hair health, prevent the emergence of parasites, among many other benefits.

Supplements presented here do not cover all essential nutrients and additional supplements may be required. For this purpose, you should consult with a professional or veterinarian.

For the correct use of these supplements you can consult us through the available contact means.

At Nature Pets we only work with handmade and 100% natural supplements and snacks. All our products are free from chemicals and artificial additives.

Food Supplements

Bone Broth - 100% natural


Mixture of raw open bone, meaty bones and cider vinegar, slowly cooked for 24 hours.

It is a natural supplement for cartilage and joints as it is rich in collagen and glycoaminoglycans (glucosamine and chondroitin). This type of home made broth is extremely nutritious, as it is rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and glycine, a beneficial molecule for joints and bones, skin, and digestive system. It is also extremely hydrating due to the mineral salts present, it has anti-inflammatory effects and nourishes and repairs the gastro-intestinal mucosa when it is inflamed.

Due to all these beneficial properties, it is widely used as a snack, to cook food for pets that require a reinforcement or a contribution of nutrients, as an attractive for selective pets or in situations of vomiting and diarrhea as a substitute for solid food.

Dried Spirulina Seaweed - 100% natural

Spirulina 2.jpeg

100% natural supplement intended to enrich the diet of dogs and cats.

Nutritional benefits: It is considered a superfood due to its high concentration of nutrients: high content of easily absorbed proteins, vitamins and minerals.

It strengthens the immune system, helps the digestive process and has an antioxidant, antibacterial and antiviral effect. Protects the liver (helps eliminate toxins) and helps prevent degenerative diseases.

0% additives. 100% spirulina seaweed. Does not contain Iodine.

Brewer's yeast flakes - 100% natural

levedura 2.jpeg

100% natural supplement intended to enrich the diet of dogs and cats.

Nutritional benefits: Prebiotic and natural probiotic, promoting intestinal health. High in protein, B vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

Contributes to the strengthening and care of the skin, hair and nails. It strengthens the immune system and acts as a natural deworming agent.

0% additives. 100% brewer's yeast.

Green lipped mussels - 100% natural

mexilhões lábios verdes.jpeg

100% natural supplement intended to enrich the diet of dogs and cats of all ages.


Made from mussels fit for human consumption.

Nutritional benefits: The green lipped mussel acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, being particularly suitable for animals with joint problems. In addition, it is rich in omega-3 and provides a great contribution of proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

0% additives. 100% green lipped mussels.

Dehydrated small fish - 100% natural


100% natural supplement intended to enrich the diet of dogs and cats of all ages.


Made of human grade fish.

Nutritional benefits: Fatty fish such as sardines, salmon or mackerel are rich in omega-3 and should be present in the diet of dogs and cats. Omega-3 is essential for healthy skin and coat. It also lowers cholesterol (LDL) in the blood, thus helping to prevent cardiovascular diseases and acts both as an antioxidant and as a natural anti-inflammatory, being a good ally in controlling allergies, mainly dermatological.

0% additives. 100% fresh dehydrated fish.

Óleo de Sardinha 250ml - 100% natural


Suplemento alimentar destinado a enriquecer a dieta de cães e gatos de todas as idades.

Benefícios nutricionais: O óleo de sardinha é uma fonte extraordinária de ácidos gordos ómega-3, e dentro destes a alta concentração de EPA e DHA e o equilíbrio 2:1 fazem deste suplemento nutricional um aliado muito poderoso em processos inflamatórios, como problemas articulares e de alergias. Excelente para ajudar a prevenir doenças cardiovasculares.

Recomendado para o tratamento de processos inflamatórios e benéfico para casos de problemas de articulações, lesões e alergias.

0% aditivos. 100% sardinha.

Sprinkles - Granulados para polvilhar

sprinkles figado vaca 1.jpeg

Toppings para polvilhar, 100% naturais, sem aditivos, desidratados a baixa temperatura para preservar todos os seus nutrientes e triturados até obter uma textura granulada muito fina.

Como usá-los?

Complemente a dieta do seu cão ou gato polvilhando o granulado na BARF ou na dieta habitual. Estes granulados possuem uma alta palatibilidade, pelo que apenas precisará de uma pequena quantidade para tornar as refeições irresistíveis.

  • Sprinkles de Fígado de Vaca - Ricos em Taurina, Vit D, Vit A, Ferro e Vit do complexo B

  • Sprinkles de Pescado - para os que precisam de suplementos de ómega-3

  • Sprinkles de Mexilhão de lábios verdes - particularmente indicados para animais com problemas de articulações

  • Sprinkles de Porco ibérico e de Lombo de Vaca - para os mais gulosos

  • Sprinkles de Frango - para abrir o apetite

100% Natural Snacks

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