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90% Turkey meat, turkey meaty bones, beef fat and organs (heart, liver and gizzards)

10% vegetables and herbs


If your pet is allergic to any kind of protein, please contact us prior to order.


Analytical Composition:

Protein 14.8%

Fat 13.1%

Fiber 1.0%

Moisture 67.8%

Ash 1.8%

Complete Turkey Meal for puppies (Price per Kg)

  • Complete food for puppies, handmade and 100% natural, produced with fresh ingredients for human consumption.

    Vacuum packed and deep-frozen at -35ºC in a fast cooling cell.

  • On eco-friendly packaging add the cost of the containers.

    This type of packaging is made of sugar cane and recycled plastic lid.

    Advantage: Respect the environment

    Disadvantage: Requires more storage space

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