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The Licky Mat is an interactive feeder that serves to eat and at the same time mentally stimulate your pet. 


They have an embossed surface where food is  spread out for them to lick.


It can be used by dogs and cats, spreading BARF food or other wet food on the carpet.


It can also be used with yoghurt, kefir, peanut butter and everything you know they can eat and above all that is good for them.


The UFO model is shaped like a bowl with 7 suction cups so you can place it on any surface. Ideal for use in the shower but can also be placed on other surfaces where the suction cups will stick. It is  made with very fine dots to  add creamy textures . Raised edges prevent food from spilling.

It is easily cleaned with soap and water, but is  dishwasher safe.


100% latex

Size: 18cm in diameter and 3cm in height


Licky Mat UFO

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