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100% natural topping, made from pork and dehydrated at low temperature to preserve all its nutrients, and carefuly crushed to obtain a very fine granulate texture.

Nutritional benefits: Rich in vitamin B6 which contributes to the formation of red blood cells and hormone regulation.

Ingredients: 100% pork

Iberian Pork Sprinkles 100g

  • Complement your dog or cat's diet by adding the topping over their meals. These toppings have a high palatability, so you only need a small amount to turn the meals irresistible.

    Because it is a topping, there is no recommended dosage.


    ​Ideal also for use with a LickiMat® mat. Moisten the mat with a little water, kefir, cream, broth or any other product with a liquid or viscous texture, then sprinkle the sprinkles and enjoy!

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