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100% natural recreational snack.


Deer antler is a hard bone that rarely shatters, so it can last for weeks or months.

It has a high content of calcium, phosphorus and minerals and its chewing helps to keep your teeth healthy, strong and clean of tartar. Furthermore, it is a great ally to combat stress and boredom, and its medulla content makes them irresistible!


All stems are collected in the forest and are the result of the natural process of muda de stems that happens to all deer once a year.


1 unit | 76 – 150 gr approx.
16-18 cm long and 2.5-3 cm in diameter


Ingredients: 100% deer antler

Deer Antlers (1 unit)

  • Recommended for small to medium-sized dogs of all breeds and ages.

    As these are natural products, size and weight may vary.
    We recommend supervision during chewing. Remove when, due to its size, it can be swallowed.

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